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     Understanding Spiritual Maturity

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Do you Know Your Age in Christ?


All parents want their children to grow up to be responsible and functioning adults.  God is the same way about His children.  He expects Certain things from babies, young children, young men, young adults, and fathers.  How far have you come since you have been saved?  You owe it to yourself to find out your level of maturity in Christ.  This book will help you!

Levels of Spiritual Development


Having taken a closer look at both maturity and spirituality, we are now ready to name and discuss the five levels of spiritual development.  These levels of development are the Baby Level, which includes those Christians who are spiritual from birth to one year of age; Young Children Level, which encompasses Christians who are spiritually between the ages of one through two years; the Young Men Level, which depicts spiritually adolescent and teenage Christians from two to four years of spiritual age; the Young Adults Level, where persons are slightly more mature at four through ten years of spiritual age; and , finally, the Fathers Level, which is comprised of spiritually mature adults whose spiritual age contains the broadest range of years, ten to twenty years.  

"...That you shall bear fruit and your fruit shall remain."

John 15:16

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