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To grow the body of Christ into mature believer and to help adults embrace wisdom that is needed to be successful in the normal flow of life with the love and kindness of God.


Taking care of home issues, job issues, people issues or things you should know at age 21. Many people operate with the wisdom of a child under 18 spiritually and naturally.  They have no idea that they have missed important growing events in their lives. So it is hard for them to function as an adult. That is why Growing up is easy but staying in an adult position is hard for them.


We have developed books, eBooks’ and publications to help in this process.


We provide insight to everyday situations for some of the things or events that are challenging for people

Cynthia V. White, founder

• Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics
• Bachelor of Science Degree in Education
• Mater of Arts
• Master of Divinity
• Doctor of Ministry

"...That you shall bear fruit and your fruit shall remain."

John 15:16

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