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   The Power of the Earth

What is the earth and how is it connected with man.  God has prepared it for man but how is it connected?  God has made it beautiful to look at and wonderful to live in but how is it connected to us?  God has provided everything that we need to live comfortably here on earth but how is it connected with us?  God has prepared everything that the earth needs to function but how does that impact us?  There is power in the earth that God has put there and that same power is in us.  Notice that the earth was given the command to bring forth and it bough forth.  The Hebrew for brought for is "yatsa" it is a verb and it means to go out, come out, bring out, and lead out.  God has also given us commands to go forth, how can we do that, it is very easy and simple.  We do not have to do anything to make things happen.  God has already prepared the earth and all we have to do is apply the ingredients needed to bring forth.  Find our about the Power that you have and how to bring things forth.

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"...That you shall bear fruit and your fruit shall remain."

John 15:16

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