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   The Importance of Seed

The evidence of the importance of seed is all over the planet. Every living thing has seed. All of the plants, trees, animal, fish, birds, humans etc. have seed. We must understand how our seed impact our lives and create our tomorrow. Ever kind of seed reproduces after its own kind, so if you sow (plant) love you will get a harvest of love, if you sow meanness you will get a harvest of meanness. It is a trick of Satan for us to think that we can plant one kind of seed and get another kind of crop at harvest time. That is why it is very important that we pray for one another because most us do not know the agricultural process of  planting seeds and receiving a harvest of the seeds that we planted and as a result most people don't even know that they are getting the harvest of the seeds that , they planted. It took me yea rs to understand that, I never recognized my harvest or my seed, therefore, I kept going through the same old painful things the same old painful way until now. I recognize my seed and my crop and this makes life so much easier to understand and enjoy. The information in this book will help you to change you r life forever. No seed is greater than the seed that God has given us, but it must be plated in good ground. Find out about the invaluable process of seed-time and harvest in this book.

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"...That you shall bear fruit and your fruit shall remain."

John 15:16

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