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  Winning Battles With Love

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The first part of understanding the importance of applying love to ever battle is to realize that no  matter  what  we do or say nothing will position us to win except love. We must be in a position to win. We can, if we choose, position ourselves to lose. Positioning ourselves to get things done is not a strange concept to us. It is just like filling out  applications and forms, for example, when we start any kind of school at  any age level we must apply or fill out forms, that act is positioning yourself to get what you are trying to get done. We have to posit ion ourselves to do anything. If we want to take a trip we must position ourselves by purchasing a ticket for transportation or get a vehicle ready that we plan to drive etc. Losing  is not an  option  for those who understand  the principle of love. We must first consider what  battles are and understand that we go into some kind of battle every day of our lives.

"...That you shall bear fruit and your fruit shall remain."

John 15:16

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